July, 2009


Awesome Coatrack

Because, you know, I’m just going to have so many coats to hang up in San Diego, right? Come on, you see how cute…


Coolest Finds of the Day

1. A Funky Wallpapered Closet Interior {via the style files} 2. Colorful Chalkboard Paint {via Alkemie} 3. Caravans: The Newest Backyard Escape? (Or potential…



Giraffes are my favorite animal. And this guy from etsy seller tinywarbler is just so cute.

The Chain Recipe

Yesterday, I somehow went home with a chain recipe and a starter batch (aka, a bag of strange liquid). I didn’t know such things…


Spice My Kitchen Up

I found this gorgeous vintage spice rack and these awesome vintage glass spice bottles today on etsy. Alas, they have already been sold. They…


Land Ho?

So it looks like I might have found myself a place in San Diego (keep your fingers crossed though).  I spoke to my future…


A Slice of Goodness

I’m absolutely enamored with this laser-cut wood jewelry from etsy seller OrangeSlice. {discovered via Modish}



I’m sorry I’ve been so quiet lately. I’m a bad, bad blogger. But I have good reason. Besides trying to sort through all this…


Hello, Richard

Microsoft has a new website up: Project Tuva.  And what’s showing? Old Richard Feynman lectures.  Professor Feynman was one of the most popular physics…


Pipe Dreams

My mother is out in San Diego visiting my brother and looking at potential places for me. She saw one, a townhouse in Bay…


Purr: I’m Not Surprised

So (the BBC tells me) THIS is what’s going on with my cats. They know precisely what they’re doing. Read the whole article here….