Adventure: The High Line

I recently found myself in New York City with a whole free afternoon. My friend who I was supposed to visit with was sick (the only disadvantage of working with children) and I had exciting plans that evening which meant I needed to stay in the city. So I drove to the Chelsea area and started wandering down the High Line. I took some photographs, I wrote, I watched people and tried, wherever I could, to capture the little scenes I saw.

That’s the one thing I love about New York City — it’s always an adventure there.

{all photos by me}


  • rebecca

    lovely pics my dear. it’s finally warm enough for a high line picnic. :)

  • Ana

    Amazing photos! I love your flats and the couple sitting on the bench with the bouquet of flowers next to her. It says so much without really saying anything. I’m a people watcher but not in a creepy way. This makes me so happy. I hope you go on more trips like this :)

  • Dancing Branflake

    Brandi! I love these photos! Goodness, to see NYC through your eyes is such a treat. I love what scenes you chose to take. There’s a story in each one, isn’t there?

  • Funnelcloud Rachel

    Love this! The High Line is definitely on my NYC To-Visit List!

  • Michelle

    This definitely makes me want to visit New York!

  • Naomi Bulger

    Gorgeous photographs. My friend and I used to walk along the Hudson (from Canal St to the 70s or 80s) every weekend. When the High Line opened up, we took a walk, and it was so beautiful. Also a strangely disorienting perspective on our walk, going past the familiar places but being up so high and distant.

  • {be merry} kate

    Oh I’ve always wanted to explore the High Line. Next time I’m in the city, it is certainly happening.


  • rooth

    I’m trying to get someone to do a proposal there this weekend – but apparently the weather going to be bad :(

  • Punctuation Mark

    i hate i couldn’t make it there this time… it was really hectic with the show and everything we needed to get done.

    Also, I’m craving to back to the city… i left my heart there!!! Seriously!!!

    We need to catch up my dear… so much to tell you!!!

  • kayla @ exquisite banana

    It’s been waaaay too long since I’ve taken a high line stroll. Must remedy that soon, me thinks.

  • Samanthaa

    a very lovely glimpse of (almost) spring.


  • thais

    I love NY city as well and your snapshots remind me of the interesting daily adventures that happen over there ;)

  • stephanie

    someday, i would love to wander nyc with you. i think we would have the BEST time.

  • Meli (Blush + Jelly)

    These wonderful photos made me miss NYC. I think it’s time for a vacation to the big city!

  • Amy

    I love the High Line! I went there the very first weekend it was opened to the public, back in 2009, and am constantly amazed by the growth and support this place has brought over the years. Your photos are incredible, by the way. I love the picture of the couple.

  • Dorkys Ramos

    Walking along the High Line is always a fun little escape. I just wish I lived a bit closer to it. Warmer weather will probably make it easier to walk over. Let me know when you pop back into the city again. Would love to finally meet after all this time :)

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