Discovery: K. Barteski

Kal Barteski is clearly talented when it comes to the art she creates. And inspirational too. When I first spotted the Wildly Convinced print (a collaboration with Karen Walrond, author of The Beauty of Different), I knew I had to snatch it up. But rather than put one more thing on my walls, I decided this print needed to go to a friend. This friend doesn’t know this print is heading her way yet, and I can’t wait to hear her reaction when she receives it. I wanted her to know how much her friendship means to me and how beautiful she is.

I’d send you one too, if I could. Because you all are beautiful. Uncommonly. Dynamically. Amazingly.

You inspire me. Just like Kal Barteski does.

{all images from K. Barteski’s big cartel shop, used with permission; Wildly Convinced print spotted first on Design Mom}


  • Katie

    I love Kal Barteski! She has the most inspiring and empowering words on all her pieces. Sometimes I pop over to her website when I’m having a creative block.
    And what a sweet thing to send to a friend!

  • Jo

    I LOVE this! And yes, 2012 is the year to be FIERCE!!

  • rooth

    Your blog posts are always so timely and RIGHT on. Thanks for the bit of inspiration!

  • Amanda

    These are AMAZING! So inspirational! I love the bottom one on the right best :-)

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