I’ve mentioned my love for lilacs before, last spring probably, but I’m going to gush over them again. I found a great big bushel of them at the farmer’s market on Sunday and since then, I’ve been spending as much time sitting next to them as I can.

They’re my most favorite flowers ever.

You see, lilacs and I have a history. I lost an unnamed pet turtle under the lilac bushes at my grandmother’s home when I was little and still living there with my family, and when I was older and used to drive to her home to spend time with her on the weekends, I always left with two handfuls of them, wrapped in a wet paper towel and tin foil.

For years I’ve dreamed about carrying a bouquet of lilacs for my wedding. The complication? I’d love an October wedding, though lilacs only bloom in the spring.

What’s your favorite bloom? What did you carry at your wedding?

{first image from One Lovely Day by Project Wedding, second image by Traci Thorson Photography, third image by Sweet Monday Photography}


  • Emily

    I too adore lilacs, the smell and the color are divine. I have to say though that my favorite flower of late are peonies. I think I started to love them when we moved into our home and had 2 beautiful bushes of them out back. We planted a third this summer and can’t wait to see it bloom.

    At my wedding I had calla lilies, sunflowers, and these crazy curly tail looking things. I adored them.


  • joanna

    gush away! i love lilacs oh so much! cannot wait for them to start to bloom!

  • Jane Flanagan

    Beautiful. I love lilacs too. I am not married, but would definitely want my favourite flower at a wedding, if I was ever inclined to have one (doubtful).

  • vivien @ the eclectic life

    Wow! Thanks for the introduction to these gorgeous flowers. Who knows, depending on who you meet, your wedding timeline may just fall in the spring/summer and if that’s the case….a bushel of Lilacs will be awaiting you! (Hmm…maybe you’ll meet somebody fun on your road trip!)

  • keishua

    I like lilacs, too. Although, flowering plants make me sneeze sometimes.
    I love lavender when its flowering. There is something heavenly in the scent of lavender, I think.

  • Kirby {Colors of Honey}

    I’m starting to see them around too and if I had cash in my purse I would be buying a bundle myself! honestly, I don’t think I have one favorite. but every season there are florals that steal my heart. lilacs of course, peonies and dahlias are among some of my favs. still undecided about my bouquet, but they will include dahlias as they are great fall flowers!

  • Gabriella {sensiblyluxe}

    I love lilacs… They remind me of Nancy Drew novels because one of the titles in the series has the word “lilac” in it, and it was my first encounter with the word. I thought it was so pretty.
    My favorite flower is ranunculus, and I will be carrying it at my wedding.

  • Emily

    So you never found your poor turtle? I’ve been wondering that all week! Ha!
    Our lilacs have just gone by but we’re onto peonies, so we’ve that as consolation!

  • lizzie

    lilacs are beautiful! i’ve always been an orchid girl and i love hyacinths :) i just HATE daisies. F daisies.

  • Dionne_C

    Oh wow, these are soooo pretty! Lovely!

  • Eva @ Four Leaf Clover

    I think your love for lilacs is rubbing off on me! I’ve never truly noticed how lovely they are. I love your turtle story, too. :) I have no favorite flower.. I pretty much love them all!

  • Mary Jo

    Me too! My favorite book as a little girl was “Under the Lilacs” {mostly for the title I have to admit}. I also love stephanotis, the Greek wedding flower and have thought it would be perfect for my wedding if I could find it.

    p.s. I’m only an hour away but you are more than welcome to stop for a night–I have a guest room ready for you any time :)

    xo Mary Jo

  • Miss Bibliophile

    Those bouquets are gorgeous! It looks like they just stopped in a field to gather them on the way to the wedding.

  • Dancing Branflake

    I love lilacs! What sweet memories to have with them. I carried black magic roses for my wedding. Lilacs would have been better though. I just love them! I love all wild flowers really. Something so free spirited about them.

  • Ana

    I will get you those lilacs for your wedding, I’ll take them on a plane and they will be fresh and perfect.

  • Amy

    These are such beautiful flowers! There’s just something incredibly calming about lilacs, no?

    Personally, I am a huge fan of peonies. They smell wonderful, and they have this rustic charm about them that always seems to pull me {and my wallet} every time I see them.

    Cheers to flowers!

  • kimbirdy

    oh lilacs are gorgeous! i love them too. although my favorite flowers have to be daffodils. so pretty!

    i didn’t carry anything at my wedding. i really didn’t see the point of having something in my hand. of course i didn’t walk down any aisle either. dannon and i just came out together and roamed around the picnic blankets hugging our family and friends while our friend played covers of david bowie songs in portuguese on the guitar. having something in my hands would have just been in the way.

    i’m sure you could find lilacs anytime of year, they just may cost a whole lot more in the fall. if that’s your dream, i’m sure we can make it happen. :)

  • taryn

    lilacs are so pretty! i would love to shoot those in a wedding!

  • thais

    they are indeed wonderful and smell so good! what a pretty love story you guys have. I do love peonies, ranunculus and roses… but haven’t got the chance to get married and use them yet :)

  • Joyti

    O, so many flowers! For scent, tuberoses – so glamorous and mysterious…and ever so medicinal in scent. For color, old dutch roses, which are a lilac-antique green color…although I’m partial to white flowers generally speaking. And white peonies have a special place in my heart.
    Right now, I have some calla lilies :)

  • Dyan

    these are beautifulll! i’m still not sure what my favorite flower is. i’ll have to figure that out at some point.

    loved your road trip post. it’s going to be epic. i can’t wait until the santa barbara part of your adventure takes place! as for sites to see along way…big sur, bug sur, big sur!!

  • rachel

    they are so very pretty, indeed! I always think of that Sex and the City episode where steve brings lilacs to miranda :)

  • Heather {LifeIsAnExperiment}

    Oooh how I love lilacs! Now you have me hoping to find some at my farmer’s market this weekend!

  • mary

    absolutely beautiful, i find shades of purple so comforting.

  • Katie

    I love lilacs! We had lilac bushes at one of our homes when I was little and I still remember their scent; it was lovely. It also makes me sneeze, along with just about every spring flower. How sad is that? I carried silk flowers (a selection of garden roses and wildflowers, mostly) in my wedding for just that reason. Roses are one of the few flowers that don’t get to me, so they kind of win for my favorite flower–especially garden roses.

  • Linell

    I carried my all time favorite- coxcomb! Its beautiful and velvet and deep and rich- the perfect thing for a fall wedding!

  • Kaylia Payne

    Oh beautiful!! You are so sweet, your blog makes me so happy :)
    I don’t have a favourite flower, I’m not sure I like them all that much. I don’t know why, it’s very strange!
    I carried one flower of unknown origin down the aisle that cost me $3…romantic huh? :p

  • Kayla @ Exquisite Banana

    They are SO intoxicating. I thoroughly enjoy being a wee bit lilac drunk.

  • In Honor Of Design

    We ARE on the same page! Love it:)
    I always had such a romantic ideal of lilacs from Louisa May Alcott’s book:)
    It would make a beautiful bouquet!

  • honeymyheart

    lilacs are so pretty! we had some on each napkin/place setting at my wedding reception :) and bunched together in the photo of the bride’s bouquet, they are quite amazing.

    my favorite flowers are gerber daisies, gardenias, and camellias.

  • Meli (Blush + Jelly)

    I don’t know the name of the flowers that were in my bouquet when I got married (flowers were bought outside of the courthouse :)) but I do remember that they were beautiful!

  • sarah.wandering.

    oh – lilacs are definitely in my top 5. I was in Kingston Ontario last spring and the aroma and beauty of the trees was absolutely overwhelming. Gorgeous. It is a memory I’ll always remember.
    My favourite blooms though – it’s a tie – orange tulips and white anemones with black centres. Both are so classic.

  • La Feem

    They are lovely!! xo

  • darren brown

    another of the many great things about being a part of the farmers markets is being surrounded by lilacs for a few months (if that long). so many people there are carrying them around. i can’t resist a beautiful and fragrant flower. tuberoses and lilies make a lovely pair, and there’s a chocolate scented orchid that is delicious. october weddings are my fave too, btw.

  • Anna

    Lilacs are my very favorite flower too. We had lilac bushes at every house I lived in growing up. I currently have some dying ones in a vase. I always feel that lilac season is too short.

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