Outdoor Havens

Summer wouldn’t be complete with an outdoor area to enjoy the weather in. Perhaps one day I’ll have one of my own…maybe like one of these?

Actually, all I really need in my outdoor area are some bamboo, a few cozy chairs, a table to put drinks on, and lots of lilacs like these…

Sigh, I really do love lilacs. I could just drown in them. My grandmother had three big bushes of them in her yard. I looked forward to their blooms every year. My outdoor haven wouldn’t be perfect without them.

{first room via Bliss, second room via desire to inspire, picture of lilacs here}


  • Michelle

    Ahhh I want an outdoor area like that. I always admire the lofts in NY that have those on the roof where people start a garden or just sit out there with a good book. (Sighs)

    I love lilacs! I just discovered this Spring that my Dad has one of those bushes in his front yard. I was totally blown away when I noticed it because I love love lilacs. I work at Trader Joes and when we get them in, they are so expensive.

  • jordan

    I ADORE both of those outdoor ideas. Add in a hammock & it’s my idea of perfection. :) I love being outdoors!!

    Also! I lovelovelove lilacs! We went to a local garden & took the “lilac walk” – the smell, oh man, it was amazing.

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