Sometimes You Just Want to Run Away

…and go somewhere incredible old, someplace ancient where the magic is thick, where you can feel the tide of emotions from long ago.

You want to tumble through the door into another world, peer around the veil, move the curtain just for a moment so you can remember that there is so much more. We are part of such a grand symphony that is evolving, crescendoing, flowing. We forget sometimes, so focused on the instrument we hold in our hands, its physical properties, the sound it makes. We worry about the mistakes we may make as we play and forget to hear the whole piece of music, forget how we can transform sound into emotion into something that vibrates on.

I’m daydreaming about running away today, to an old stone circle on an island in Scotland, to a faraway ancient temple that’s nearly forgotten, to a long stretch of shoreline where there is nothing but the wind, the crash of the waves, and the smell of salt water. I need to imprint the symphony so I don’t forget anymore.

Where are you daydreaming about adventuring to?

(Photograph taken by Beth Moon, from Portraits of Time, her collection of ancient trees around the world)


My New Office!

It finally happened last week — my desk and chair arrived and I got organized. Say hello to my new office!!

I can’t tell you how awesome it feels to finally have a dedicated work space. A tax write-off, yes, but also a sanity guarantee.

I’m still waiting for the final touches to arrive from the Container Store, but I couldn’t wait to share it.

Creating dedicated space is special.

Temporal space. Spatial space. Boundaries are special, sacred.

I’ve always said that having a box allows me to think outside of it. But having a space also allows me to really inhabit a particular mindset.

When you create space, you’re creating opportunity.

You may be giving something up and creating space that way. One of my friends recently fired one of her clients after being put in a compromising legal position. A few days later she landed her biggest client yet.

When you make space, the universe opens for you.

My office is giving me a whole new way of looking at my business. The days of working in my pajamas are long gone — I’m playing and dreaming bigger now. And while I’m not there yet, this new space is allowing me to immerse myself in who I’m becoming.

Freakin awesome.

And can I tell you how much I love my bookshelves?

Do you have a decided space for your work?


Dating Yourself

On Friday, I made my first date with my business. In the morning and afternoon, I scheduled uninterrupted time to focus on my business. No scrambling around reacting to emails, no phone calls, just me and my darling business.

Talk about productive brainstorming time! I got more done in those hours and felt less frazzled than I had in weeks.

And this was real working on my business work. New projects, new packages, new ways of creating amazing experiences for my clients.

So I began to wonder, what if I made dates with all the other parts of myself, not just Brandi the Entrepreneur?

I started dating myself.

On Saturday, I had a date with the writer in me. We wrote poetry, some of it incredibly bad. But really, it just felt so good to be writing again.

There was time with the archer on Sunday. Granted, I was snowed in, but we worked on some simple things together: release, mental game. (Archer really feels like it’s 90% mental game, 10% process and skill.)

In three days, I felt more like myself than I had in months.

Dedicating specific time to all the things I love about my life and who I am is creating a deeper connection to me.

I lost myself a little bit in my last relationship. Brandi the Flirt? Totally locked away because my ex was a bit insecure (by no fault of his own). Brandi the Writer? No time for her. Brandi the Art Lover? There just wasn’t much there for her. Brandi the F-it-I’m-Going-to-Read-All-Day? She never had time on the schedule.

All these parts of me I had locked away. I’m done with it.

I say it’s time to break that door down and start really spending time with myself again.

I think it’ll be a love affair that lasts my whole lifetime.


2 Simple Questions to Help You Make Space for Your Future

I realized that if ever wanted to gain control of my life (see my last post), I needed to start by scheduling time for me first. Because there will always be work, there will always be emails to answer, there will always be a myriad of little tasks that will take up time.

To live in the future, I had to start with my present.

No change happens overnight, but it became obvious to me that I had to change the way I prioritized if I wanted the future I so dream about to arrive. And all of that starts with intention.

So, I asked myself two key questions:

1. What can I eliminate from my life?

What were all the little things hovering around the periphery of my attention that silently drained me? I drafted a list, and then I took some advice I’ve been hearing for a long time and placed an ad for a personal assistant. The right one hasn’t manifested quite yet, but I know she will. Just the thought of being able to eliminate the items on that list has let me breathe easier and see where there is space.

2. What feeds my soul?

In years past, I’ve made New Years and Birthday resolution lists that have been largely composed of things I thought I should be doing, like running a half marathon or learning another language. But once you’ve had all of your personal time stolen from you, your perspective shifts. These days, anything that makes it onto my calendar has to be precious to me. Calls with friends. Time wandering around art museums. Hours spend exploring somewhere new.

 My future arrives now.

I’m done putting off my happiness until I have everything in my business figured out. My business is always going to be evolving, and there will always be work to do for it. But if I keep postponing my life? I’ll just watch it pass me by entirely. And that’s not something I’m willing to accept.

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